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IMPROVE Your Communication

Pediatric Speech, Language and Voice Therapy Services

Your child is one of a kind with unique developmental and academic needs. Our team of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and language/literacy specialists will provide answers to all your questions about what your child would most benefit from. We work with you to set goals for your child to achieve competency in speech, language, and literacy as quickly as possible.

Children Adults

little girl raising her hand in classroom

Why Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Learning is a complex process requiring the ability to listen, think, remember, understand, speak, solve problems, plan, organize, reason, make decisions, read, and write. The earlier your child or teen starts on their journey to overcome speech and language challenges, the sooner they will be able to communicate, read, write, and interact with others with confidence — ultimately leading to greater success in school and social settings.

For some children, another opportunity for academic and personal success is high-level tutoring or training in voice and public speaking. Your child may seem to be functioning fine without a speech delay or disorder, but their communication and literacy skills could be strengthened to give them an edge. In addition to therapy, we also offer enrichment programs for children when no delay is present. These programs are tailored toward enhancing and refining cognitive communication, literacy, and voice/speaking skills to help your child advance their academic abilities and ability to confidently speak in public.

The Open Lines PRESENCE™ Approach

Following an individualized assessment, we create a personal plan of action for your child or teen based on our PRESENCE™ Approach. In addition to overcoming cognitive-communication, speech, language, or literacy difficulties, we help your child navigate their personal journey to achieve a successful outcome that greatly enhances their academic and personal success.

The Open Lines PRESENCE™ Approach is a proprietary, multifaceted technique that complements and supports the speech and language therapy, literacy and learning, vocal exercise, and cognitive-communication programs we provide for children and teens. Open Lines’ PRESENCE™ Approach combines cutting-edge research from diverse medical fields and applies it to the latest clinical best practices. Our team of speech-language pathologists have unique, specialized training in and experience with this PRESENCE™ Approach. By combining the art and science of healing — innovative, empathic care and evidence-based research — our applied, multidisciplinary methodology will help your child achieve success.

Open Lines offers 10 targeted programs for children. After your child’s assessment, we will design and implement a customized program based on one or more of our targeted programs and delivered with the Open Lines PRESENCE™ Approach.

The Open Lines Difference

Nationally certified in New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida, our team consists of professional researchers/writers for prestigious journals, trusted academicians, reputable lecturers, and certified clinical experts who practice in and continue to collaborate with New York’s top academic medical centers and private schools, and who stay current with the latest research advancements. As leaders in the field, we are proud and honored to be frequently consulted by medical doctors, health professionals, and speech-language pathologists from around the world about their most difficult cases.

Unlike many small practices, we are not individual practitioners, rather we are an integrated team of masters and doctorate-level expert clinicians working together to provide optimal treatment for each child. Extending beyond our team, at your request, we can collaborate with teachers, pediatricians, or other team members. We understand privacy is a serious matter. Some parents do not want their child’s school to know special care is being provided. Other parents, however, may want us to speak and collaborate with their child’s teachers. Whatever the circumstance, we work closely with you to ensure excellent communication among everyone. We only share authorized information with consent.

Whether you seek a team approach or feel private care is necessary, we adapt our therapy and communication to suit the specific needs of your family and child. Recognizing your child or teen has unique, multidimensional needs, we help them achieve their true, full potential.

Improve Your Communication Through Speech Therapy

It is never too late for your child to improve their speech, language, or literacy skills. Our team can provide them committed care needed to address a variety of challenges. Let our supportive team help.

Contact Open Lines today by phone at 212-430-6800, by email at, or through our contact form. Learn more about our custom programs by selecting a program from the Services menu above. If you are ready to help your child take the next steps to improve his or her speech and language or literacy skills, request an appointment to discuss your goals and review our service options.

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