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Children’s Speech Therapy in NYC and LA Schools

At Open Lines®, we are on a mission to provide the highest quality children’s speech therapy in New York City and Los Angeles. Our licensed and certified staff is passionate about developing and enhancing your child’s speech, language, and literacy abilities within and outside of the classroom. We are rooted in research and education, serving as genuine advocates for your child’s needs and fostering their growth. We currently practice at The Bank Street School for Children and Corlears School, where we boost children’s confidence in their ability to learn. If your child needs speech and language services, we are to help them realize their potential.

The Bank Street School for Children

Open Lines® offers speech and pathology services for lower, middle, and upper school students at The Bank Street School for Children, an internationally recognized, coeducational and independent school in NYC. Bank Street offers students the opportunity to develop their education with a hands-on approach that improves critical and independent thinking, fosters a love for creativity, and nurtures a passion for learning that lasts their entire lives. The school aims to place a child’s growth and independence above all else.

If you are a Bank Street School family interested in speech and language services, receive a free consultation by calling Open Lines® or requesting an appointment through our contact form.

Corlears School

We provide a free phone consultation for parents and students of Corlears School. Founded in 1968, Corlears School has built and maintained a sterling reputation for providing rigorous, innovative, collaborative educational opportunities. From Pre-K to elementary school, they strive to give students an engaging educational experience in an inclusive environment. Our services are an extension of their mission.

If you’re a Corlears School family who is interested in speech and pathology services, receive a free phone consultation by calling Open Lines® or requesting an appointment through our contact form.

Get in Touch With Open Lines®

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