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Professionals leading meetings, giving presentations, anyone giving speeches, or speaking in front of large groups of people.


A comprehensive evaluation of voice, speech, and communication skills.


Education, exercises, strategies, techniques, and maneuvers to optimize voice production in healthy ways, manage stress and anxiety, enhance language organization, and speech delivery.

Public Speaking & Professional Speech Skills Program

As a professional, your occupation may make it necessary for you to lead and manage meetings and speak in front of groups. Confidence and competence is essential to success, but presenting, lecturing, training, or delivering a speech may cause anxiety and stress. These emotions can have a tremendous impact on speaking, making one feel overwhelmed, foggy, dysfluent, and easily flustered.

Voice production may suffer as well. You may feel rushed, tight, or breathless. The natural tone and volume of your voice may vary, leaving you feeling embarrassed or unable to control your voice and speech.

woman speaking to a group of peers

Public Speaking Skills Training

Public speaking involves intricately balanced components of thoughts, language, emotions, voice, and speech production systems working in a timely and coordinated manner.

With detailed knowledge of the structure and function of these connected systems, your speech-language pathologist (SLP) will work with you to develop goals related to speaking within or to a small or large group, using an online platform or the phone, or one-on-one (i.e., vocal projection, breath support, pitch, tone, vocal quality, speech rate, clarity, and communicative confidence).

In this program, our team of uniquely and expertly trained licensed SLPs will provide you with customized, innovative solutions to give you the confidence and competence you need to speak in a variety of settings.

Through focused instruction and practice, you will develop your own public speaking voice- one that gives you the confidence to address your colleagues and peers in any business or social setting. You will be able to speak publicly with less anxiety or hesitation, in turn becoming a better communicator and confident leader when in meetings, communicating with clients, and leading presentations and training.

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Speech Therapy for Public Speaking

Following an individualized assessment by one of our licensed SLPs, we will examine various aspects of your voice, speech, and communication skills to learn about your specific personal and professional demands. This information is used to determine specific areas of focus that will enhance your communication abilities.

These areas of focus may include exercises to improve:

  • Vocal projection and pitch control
  • Vocal quality and resonance
  • Vocal endurance and preventing vocal strain
  • Speech clarity
  • Fluency and pacing
  • Breath support for speaking
  • Mindfulness and relaxation strategies to optimize cognitive communication and word retrieval
  • Organizing and expressing your thoughts clearly and efficiently

How to Improve Public Speaking Skills

Our personalized coaching and training integrate the highest standards of evidence-based techniques to enhance your communication abilities as rapidly and efficiently as possible. We provide support until you meet your goals and are at your service to ensure you speak with competence and confidence in all communication contexts.

Contact Open Lines® today by phone at 212-430-6800, by email at [email protected], or through our contact form. If you are ready to take the next steps to improve your public speaking skills, request an appointment to discuss your goals and review our service options.

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