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Attorneys, Executives, Consultants, Voiceover Artists, Actors, Professors and Teachers, Public Speakers, Sales and Advertising Representatives, and professionals in forward-facing roles.


A comprehensive evaluation of voice, speech, and communication.


Exercises and strategies to increase strength and coordination involved in healthy voice production; Techniques and maneuvers to optimize and control your voice.

Vocal Coaching Program

Many people in forward-facing roles who require the use of their voice in professional settings experience communication challenges. Without proper vocal technique and support, a person’s voice may become strained or fatigued. It may sound rough, harsh, or become difficult to understand.

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How to Choose a Vocal Coach

Open Lines® helps those who use their speech in professional settings refine voice and speech abilities to maximize their impact and professionally excel.

Our team of uniquely and expertly trained, licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) offer complex, in-depth training services for attorneys, executives, TV personalities, public speakers, voiceover artists, teachers, and actors to improve one’s ability to project and control the voice to more effectively convey emotion, personality, and ideas.

When choosing a vocal coach, look for an experienced SLP who can develop a plan to help you learn proven, evidence-based, safe techniques to eliminate or prevent vocal strain, to improve projection, pitch range, resonance and control, and to better reflect your personality.

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How Does Voice Therapy Work?

Following an individualized assessment, our team will help you determine if your communication difficulties are due to overuse, misuse, or abuse of your voice (requiring a therapeutic program) or from lack of voice and speech training (requiring education, coaching, and exercise).

A licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP) will take you through a series of diagnostics to examine various aspects of your voice, speech, breathing, and communication skills. Together, these tests provide baseline data to help your SLP understand the cause of your challenges as well as develop an optimal plan to help you reach your goals.

Your clinical specialist will also consider how these difficulties impact your ability to carry out professional demands and daily activities. They will develop a personalized plan with personally relevant exercises and an individualized intensity of treatment tailored specifically to target your identified goals.

Should I Get a Vocal Coach?

The aim of this program is to improve vocal comfort, strength, and ease of voice production. If you need help to improve your vocal tone, projection, or range, seeking out a vocal coach is recommended. A strong voice will optimize the overall clarity and impact of your message. It will also help you better express your identity through your voice. You deserve to be heard!

Contact Open Lines® today by phone at 212-430-6800, by email at [email protected], or through our contact form. If you are ready to take the next steps to improve your voice, request an appointment to discuss your goals and review our service options.

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