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Children having difficulty producing crisp, clear sounds, and reduced intelligibility.


A comprehensive evaluation of speech motor production of speech sounds, oral motor exam, and perception of speech intelligibility.


Education and exercises in line with theories of motor skill acquisition to accurately produce all speech motor sounds to produce clear speech.

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Pediatric Articulation Program

The Artic Athletes

Speech sound or articulation delays or disorders occur when children continue to have difficulty producing sounds that are expected to be mastered at a certain age. This can lead to reduced intelligibility of speech and frustration with talking.

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Speech Problems in Children

Children with articulation delays or disorders may substitute certain sounds for another, while others may distort or omit sounds. Sometimes, only a few speech sounds are affected. Other times, children may use predictable error patterns called phonological processes. These types of errors are used by children to simplify speech and may affect more than one sound.

Research indicates children experiencing speech sound disorders may also struggle with reading (e.g., decoding, comprehension, and fluency), spelling, and writing, and these difficulties can start as early as 5 and a half years old. Therefore, early intervention is recommended to support language and literacy development and prevent other difficulties.

Articulation Therapy for Children

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Many children need help mastering speech sound production. At Open Lines®, your expertly trained speech-language pathologist (SLP) begins with a one-on-one comprehensive evaluation of your child’s oral-motor and speech motor production skills of all sounds in the English language. Following the evaluation, your clinician will determine exactly how your child is producing speech sounds and whether their sound errors are developmentally appropriate.

We use the information from this evaluation to develop a personal plan of action, including tailored exercises which target helping your child correctly and naturally modify how they produce sounds. Exercises improve speech accuracy and clarity and, more importantly, confidence when speaking.

Our articulation program follows the highest standards of evidence-based treatment techniques and multisensory approaches to help your child achieve their treatment goals. Using fun and interesting activities that are in line with theories of motor skill acquisition and motor learning and are motivating for children, therapy begins at simpler levels and becomes progressively more challenging until mastery in conversation is reached.

Our licensed clinicians also address the frustration your child may feel when they are misunderstood and help your child communicate easily and successfully with family, peers, and teachers. Utilizing a holistic approach, our program also fosters the development of phonemic awareness and early decoding (i.e., reading) skills to mitigate the increased risk of difficulties associated with learning to read.

Treating Pediatric Articulation Difficulties at Open Lines®

Contact Open Lines® today by phone at 212-430-6800, by email at [email protected], or through our contact form. If you are ready to take the next steps in treating your child’s articulation difficulties, request an appointment to discuss your concerns and goals and review our service options.

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