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Children with decreased intelligibility, dysarthria, cerebral palsy, and Down’s syndrome.


A comprehensive evaluation of the motor-speech system and respiratory-voice production.


Exercises to improve the clarity of speech as well as quality and strength of voice.

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Open Lines®’ LSVT LOUD® Pediatric Program

The Little LOUDers

Some children have difficulty producing clear speech and adequate loudness due to neurogenic differences. People with these differences may have reduced strength and the ability to coordinate their motor speech system for fluent, clear speech that is easy to hear and understand.

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Neurological Speech Disorders in Children

For children living with dysarthria or medical conditions, including cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Prader Willi syndrome, Autism, and other neurological disorders which affect speech, this is particularly relevant.

These conditions may cause a child’s speech to sound slurred, robotic or choppy, quiet, very fast or very slow, nasal, hoarse, or breathy. These speech and voice changes may be due to weaknesses in or incoordination of the subsystems of respiration or breathing, phonation or voicing, and articulation or speaking. The muscular control and coordination needed to produce clear speech may be affected, making it difficult to voice and speak as clearly or as easily as one would like. This can result in significant frustration and feelings of anxiety as well as reduced communicative confidence, as it can be tiring and challenging to talk and be understood.

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Speech Therapy for Neurological Disorders

The Little LOUDers program is administered by our uniquely and expertly trained licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) with specialized certification in LSVT LOUD for Kids. This program targets many aspects of communication for children with wide a variety of conditions that make it challenging to speak.

A motor speech disorder reflects challenges with the physical aspect of speaking. LSVT LOUD for Kids utilizes an evidence-based, intensive protocol that targets normal, healthy vocal loudness and quality to achieve improvements in a wide variety of areas, including speech clarity and breath support. Open Lines®’ SLPs also address other aspects of communication within the program. The impact anxiety can have on talking is also examined and addressed to help the child begin to improve the overall effectiveness of speech delivery so they can develop a sense of ease and confidence when communicating to better participate in social situations.

This course of treatment begins with a comprehensive one-on-one evaluation of your child’s motor-speech system and voice production skills with stimulability testing for LSVT LOUD to determine if your child is a candidate for the program. Conducted by an SLP, this assessment will help our team gather baseline data about your child’s speech, voice, and communication skills, as well as their strengths, learning style, and goals. This information is used to design a personal plan of action. Using the highest standards of evidence-based treatment methods, we work with you to develop personally-relevant treatment activities so skills learned in therapy can be quickly carried over to your child’s day-to-day life.

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LSVT LOUD® Treatment

LSVT LOUD®, known internationally as the gold standard approach to the treatment of respiratory-voice-speech disorders in people with Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders, has also shown benefits in helping children who have difficulty speaking.

This program is provided to children who are candidates, which is determined at the time of the initial evaluation by our clinical specialists who hold current certification in LSVT LOUD® for Kids. The program is provided at the highest level with expert supervision from in-house LSVT LOUD® clinical expert, Dr. Jessica Galgano. Your child’s program is also overseen by Dr. Galgano, who is one of six LSVT LOUD® faculty members of LSVT Global, Inc., the organization which trains therapists around the world to learn about and become certified in the administration of the LSVT LOUD® program.

Other research-based methods are also used to target difficulties with concentrating, remembering, and talking while at home, in school, or with friends. All therapies are available in the office, in the home, or online. Your child will gain confidence and increased freedom to speak and will be more easily understood by others. Ultimately, this will help your child develop lasting relationships through stronger communication skills and increased confidence.

Treating Pediatric Neurological Disorders at Open Lines®

Contact Open Lines® today by phone at 212-430-6800, by email at [email protected], or through our contact form. If you are ready to take the next steps in treating neurologically based or other types of motor speech disorders, request an appointment to discuss your goals and review our service options.

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