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Enhance Your Delivery

Communication Services for Professionals

Whether you are a business executive or attorney responsible for running workshops, teaching, presenting, reporting out, or leading meetings; a voiceover actor mastering a role; or a professor or teacher lecturing extensively or calling out over a noisy class, you may benefit from our communication services for professionals.

We provide the correct combination of techniques, training, and coaching to perfect your speech, language, and voice delivery in the specific contexts you need.

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What Is a Speech Language Pathologist?

Much like motivational coaches and psychological counselors, Open Lines®’ speech language pathologists (SLP) provide in-depth counseling within the scope of communication to ensure you develop the mindset and habits necessary to build a solid foundation for long-term growth and success.

Our SLPs are Masters and doctoral level clinicians with specialized knowledge in the anatomy and physiology of speech and language production. They understand how a body works to properly produce voice and speech: from the activities of the brain to the way your brain and body interact with your limbic or emotional system, to the way these functions influence and control your breathing, voice, speech, and language to your speech can be understood by others. A speech language pathologist uses this in-depth knowledge to customize a treatment plan specific to your needs, using the highest level of evidence-based research to optimize your communication and enhance your delivery to allow you to excel.

We will accommodate your needs so you can meet your objectives as quickly as possible, by offering online sessions from anywhere you are, 1:1 sessions at our office, or sessions in the comfort of your home or place of business. Our therapists will help you powerfully run a meeting, speak confidently and successfully for presentations, or perfect the delivery of a big-night speech.

Professional Speech Therapy Services

Our customized coaching and training help you enhance your communication and meet your goals as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Our personalized team is at your service to ensure you learn to project your voice, speak with confidence to command your audience or eliminate an accent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our public speaking program is designed to help you enhance your delivery so you may communicate with greater confidence and with less anxiety. The exercises we target enable you to plan and organize your thoughts for a more fluent delivery. Practice also facilitates your ability to produce words with greater clarity and precision, speak with greater efficiency, and be better understood to effectively engage your audience and maximize your impact.

Language organization, voice and speech exercises, and relaxation techniques to help one manage speech-related anxiety are all targeted within programs. Organizing one’s thoughts into language to clearly reflect one’s ideas and mission for their audience may be an initial focus. Utilizing proper breath support and control, as well as improving vocal projection, pitch, quality, and resonance to help you strengthen your voice and improve speech clarity will also be targeted.

Using strategies to help you elicit the relaxation response and manage speech-related anxiety is also trained to help you control your breath when speaking and decrease muscle tension. Other techniques, such as pausing and phrasing will teach you effective ways to shift your speech rate, intonation, and stress patterns to more effectively communicate your ideas. These exercises change your delivery and improve the overall strength, coordination, and efficiency of your voice while decreasing physical tension that may be experienced when speaking. They also work to give you a greater sense of control and communicative confidence to optimize your message.

Techniques are practiced in personally-relevant exercises that relate directly to your profession or area of focus. This may include role-playing activities, preparing and rehearsing a presentation, or simulations of professional speaking demands, such as leading a meeting or workshop.

Public Speaking Program

If you wish to neutralize an accent, your SLP will first guide you through a series of tests to determine how you are producing each sound of Standard American English (SAE) and to establish what aspects of your native language influence your production of SAE. Your clinician will use this information to develop a personalized plan of action to help you discriminate speech differences and accurately produce sounds in a manner consistent with SAE. Your SLP may also help you to modify and control your rate, rhythm, stress pattern, and intonation when speaking to improve your overall delivery in a manner consistent with SAE.

Treatment progresses in a hierarchical fashion from accurately producing individual sounds in isolation to producing sounds at word, sentence, paragraph levels, and within conversations.

Accent Reduction Program

Individuals whose professions require extensive use of their voice frequently find their throat may feel tense or strained. They may also report sounding rough, hoarse, or breathy. When these issues are not addressed in a timely and effective manner, one may also develop nodules, hemorrhage, polyps, cysts, and/or swelling. People are at risk of these issues if they do not use healthy voice production techniques.

Our SLPs provide you with education and training on effective and evidence-based vocal hygiene recommendations, relaxation techniques, and proper breath support. They will also teach you exercises to increase the strength, coordination, and efficiency of your voice to ensure you are phonating in a manner that is healthy and sustainable.

Many professional vocalists aim for their speech to be produced in a more crisp and clear manner no matter what demands the producer or job requires of them. Following a series of specially designed examinations, your SLP will determine which specific strategies and practice will enable you to speak in whatever way you need to, whether it is a loud, energized voice with a fast rate of speech or a quieter, relaxed manner.

Vocal Coaching for Professionals Program

Every treatment program begins with a comprehensive one-on-one evaluation with a licensed speech language pathologist who will guide you through a series of examinations designed to evaluate your voice, speech, and communication skills. The assessment will help your SLP determine if your speaking difficulties are due to overuse, misuse, or abuse of your voice (requiring therapeutic intervention), or from lack of voice and speech training (requiring education and communication training).

If your voice consistently feels tired or strained, you may benefit from techniques to help you engage in proper breath support and control. You may also benefit from vocal exercises designed to strengthen your voice, including pitch, loudness, and intonation. Exercises may also include work to help you use appropriate stress patterns, pausing, and phrasing when speaking. These exercises will improve the strength, coordination, and efficiency of your voice while decreasing the physical tension you may experience when speaking. Your practice will also work to enhance your overall delivery to help you have greater control of your voice and your overall delivery when speaking.

Your SLP will consider your medical history, strengths and weaknesses noted during the evaluation process, responsiveness to trialed therapy techniques, personal goals, and other factors that will impact your prognosis for improvement. This information is used to design your customized treatment program.

Public Speaking Program

Absolutely! Our public speaking program is unique in that it treats the whole person. The mechanics of voice and speech production are analyzed and improved. However, focus also targets the impact anxiety and emotion or negative self-talk can have on your ability to communicate in public. The practice of strategies improves the ease and effectiveness of your delivery.

Relaxation techniques are combined with speech, voice, and language exercises as well as education and awareness of stress triggers. Through these exercises, you will gain a sense of comfort and control of your ability to speak in public. This will help you better organize and focus on what you want to say, in the way you would like to say it. You will have a greater presence and connection with your audience rather than worrying about how you may sound. Following our program, you can expect to develop a greater sense of ease and enjoyment related to public speaking, whether you are delivering a presentation to a group of hundreds of people or catching up with close friends.

Public Speaking Program

Yes! We are here to help you with whatever public speaking task you face. We will work with you to better understand your unique goals and challenges. We work collaboratively with you to develop a plan of action to ensure you achieve a successful outcome.

Public Speaking Program

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