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IMPROVE Your Communication

Adult Speech and Voice Therapy Services

If you are an adult constrained or bothered by a seemingly minor yet complex speech, voice, or swallowing problem, such as stuttering, vocal tension or fatigue, or coughing when drinking, Open Lines®’ highly personalized approach based on evidence-based clinical practice will provide you with customized, innovative solutions. We help you quickly achieve real results with our innovative PRESENCE™ Approach.

Customized Speech Therapy Services in New York, NY

Customized Speech Therapy Services

With evidence-based care and individualized precision, we help you improve your communication skills, voice, and/or swallowing abilities.

Our customized treatment plans help you improve your ability to speak and function effectively and efficiently. Whether it takes you two or three months, our personalized team is at your service for as long as it takes you to learn to speak with clarity and use your voice with confidence.

Seeking solutions beyond the standard treatments, we answer questions other experts do not think to ask. Going beyond general routines and an insurance-focused practice, we take an active, investigative stance exploring alternative, creative solutions customized to your specific needs, situation, and goals.

The Open Lines® PRESENCE™ Approach

The Open Lines PRESENCE™ Approach

Our proprietary PRESENCE™ Approach combines cutting-edge research from diverse medical fields and applies it to the speech and voice therapy programs we provide. We believe treatment entails more than just cognitive-communication or physical therapies. Our specially trained therapists also understand and work with you on the mental and emotional aspects of managing communication. This approach guides you in a forward motion to help you in the way you would like with the confidence you need to participate more fully in your life.

Nationally certified in New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida, our team consists of professional researchers/writers for prestigious journals, trusted academicians, reputable lecturers, and clinical experts who practice in and continue to collaborate with New York’s top academic medical centers and private schools, and who stay current with the latest research advancements.

Our professional team is detail-driven in its quest to design a highly personalized program customized and designed just for you. Like motivational coaches and psychological counselors, Open Lines® speech-language pathologists provide in-depth counseling within the scope of communication disorders to ensure you develop the mindset and habits necessary to build a solid foundation for meeting and sustaining your long-term goals.

Viewing all our clients as VIPs, we uniquely deliver personalized, high-end, “white glove” service. Based on your assessment, we will build a customized program based on one or more of our targeted programs.

Speech, Language & Voice Services for Adults

If you are struggling to communicate with ease and confidence, Open Lines®’ personalized and solution-focused approach is here to help you. Our therapists help you determine what is happening. They teach you how to address difficulties to optimize your communication so you may participate more fully in your life in a way that is most meaningful to you.

People often have difficulties that were not fully addressed in childhood or have developed in adulthood and are difficult to manage. These include challenges with language organization and expression, voice, stuttering, muscle tension, vocal fatigue, or articulation/speech clarity. Learn more about our services for cognitive-communication, voice, fluency, and articulation as you review frequently asked questions that follow.

Our Focus Areas

Communication difficulties can result from a variety of courses. You might experience difficulty organizing and expressing your thoughts or vocal fatigue due to vocal cord lesions or muscle tension. Whether issues were never resolved in childhood or emerged later in life, we can tailor our PRESENCE™ Approach to match your specific needs.

If your ease and confidence communicating is hampered by difficulty organizing and expressing your thoughts; vocal issues or discomfort; speech difficulties, such as stuttering, a persistent lisp, or articulation differences; you may feel like it’s impossible to speak in a way which reflects your authentic self, and this may make it difficult for you to fully participate in aspects of your life in the way you would like to.

You may struggle to feel in control of your voice and communication which affect your ability to express yourself with efficiency and confidence. These difficulties can arise from a combination of physiological and behavioral factors and can be influenced further by anxiety and emotion.

Cognitive Communication + Physical Speech Breakdowns (Non-Medical)

Difficulties speaking can result in feelings of loss of control and shame, which can then lead to a cascade of physiological responses, anxiety, and negative self-talk which impede our ability to efficiently recruit skills required for speaking demands.

Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on a host of cognitive-linguistic skills by interrupting our attention, disrupting our thought and semantic organization, and delaying word retrieval. This can look like difficulty finding specific vocabulary in a timely manner. It includes difficulty planning and organizing ideas, which can result in multiple sentence reformulations and loss of train of thought.

Stress and anxiety may also affect your body. When a person experiences stress or anxiety, they may have trouble regulating and controlling the breath when speaking (i.e., running out of air), or they may experience muscle tension, stuttering, vocal strain, or soreness. The shame and embarrassment that frequently accompany these agonizing experiences may provoke patterns of negative self-talk and avoidance. This often results in more difficulties communicating, but all of these behaviors can be addressed and prevented!

Frequently Asked Questions

The aim of our stuttering treatment program is to promote ease, comfort, and confidence speaking so you may fully participate in life the way you want to and achieve your true, full potential. We address both the physical aspect of speaking — by improving the coordination and efficiency of your motor-speech system — as well as the emotional aspects of managing a stutter. Use of strategies are addressed considering the variety of people one speaks with and the variety of communication contexts one speaks within.

Using our proprietary, holistic PRESENCE™ Approach, many people experience a dramatic decrease in stuttered or dysfluent speech. They also report an improvement in communicative confidence and an overall sense of ease when communicating. We work with you to help you shift into an acceptance of normal dysfluencies and increase your sense of control over various aspects of speaking so you can communicate with greater ease using your authentic voice.

Fluency Program for Stuttering

Given specific, tailored exercises and intensive practice both in session with your speech language pathologist and during your home exercise program, it is possible to eliminate a lisp.

Adult Articulation Program

If you struggle with vocal endurance or have trouble projecting your voice loud enough to be easily heard by others, you may benefit from exercises and techniques to strengthen respiratory-voice-speech coordination and efficiency. This will result in improved vocal projection, endurance, vocal quality, and speech clarity.

Eligible candidates may benefit from evidence-based approaches to reduce muscle tension associated with voicing and/or improve resonance and coordination of the voice motor system. These may include manual techniques, such as circumlaryngeal manipulation; strategies to balance pressures above and below the level of the vocal cords; and/or Lessac Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy.

Others may benefit from different types of treatments, such as LSVT LOUD®. Known internationally as the gold standard approach for respiratory-voice-speech disorders in people with Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders, LSVT LOUD® has also been shown to help individuals with other types of voice difficulties that do not have a neurological origin. The program is provided to those who are candidates at the highest level with expert supervision from in-house LSVT LOUD® faculty and clinical experts.

Every treatment plan begins with an individualized comprehensive evaluation of your voice. The evaluation allows your speech-language pathologist to determine the cause of your vocal difficulties and develop a customized plan of action. Your SLP will help you meet your unique goals and optimize your voice as quickly as possible!

Adult Voice Program

Our sessions integrate techniques to teach you effective ways to manage pacing and the rate of speech. The regular and specific practice of these strategies will enhance your delivery using a multisensory approach. Exercises include engaging proper breath support, optimizing vocal projection, appropriately using pauses and phrasing, improving resonance, and optimizing intonation and stress patterns.

These exercises change your delivery by increasing your awareness of and ability to modify the rate of your speech so the organs of speech have time to adequately move into position to produce crisp, clear sounds and are aligned with the expression of your thoughts and ideas.

Adult Articulation Program

Yes! Our personalized treatment programs incorporate various exercises that facilitate speaking with improved crispness and clarity.

We draw on several techniques that will improve the crispness of your speech. Examples of exercises include techniques to help you engage proper breath support, use appropriate vocal loudness levels, and produce accurate articulatory placement. Exercises will improve respiratory-voice-speech coordination and efficiency. We show you how to practice these strategies within functional exercises to ensure you are able to use your improved voice and speaking skills in all of the activities you do, whether they relate to professional demands or personal needs.

Adult Articulation Program

It is possible to modify various aspects of your voice and communication, including pitch, intonation, loudness, articulation, and vocal quality so you feel a sense of alignment between your ability to communicate using voice and speech that is more consistent with your sense of self. In sessions, your SLP will guide you through a variety of exercises to teach you proper vocal techniques to optimize the strength and coordination of your voice in healthy ways.

Adult Voice Program

Improve Your Communication Through Speech Therapy

It is never too late to correct adult speech, voice, or swallowing problems. Our team will provide the committed care needed to address a variety of challenges. Let our supportive team help.

Contact Open Lines® today by phone at 212-430-6800, by email at [email protected], or through our contact form. You can learn more about the therapeutic adult programs we offer here. If you are ready to take the next steps in treating the difficulties that hold you back, request an appointment to discuss your goals and review our service options.

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