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Adults with articulation problems, including lisp.


A comprehensive evaluation of articulation and motor-speech system.


Exercises to reduce or eliminate lisp and other difficulties with articulation.

Articulation Program for Adults

Many adults experience difficulties with articulation or pronunciation of sounds. Sometimes these difficulties have persisted since childhood, such as an unresolved lisp. Other times, changes in articulation arise because of oral or dental interventions that shift how you speak. It is not uncommon for adults to have a sense these speech problems hold them back or limit their potential. Some report feeling self-conscious when speaking, which can create anxiety. Others worry about speech difficulties undermine their capabilities because their speech is unclear and people have difficulty understanding them.

Articulation Speech Therapy by Open Lines in NY

Articulation Speech Therapy

The aim of this therapy is to help you master all speech sounds to enhance your communication, speak with confidence, and achieve your true, full potential.

Every customized program begins with an individualized evaluation wherein you will meet with one of our expertly trained, licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) one-on-one to complete a full assessment of your articulation skills and overall speaking patterns. Results of this evaluation help your clinician determine exactly how you are currently producing the sounds of Standard American English and design a personal plan of action including tailored exercises that target helping you produce sounds correctly and naturally.

Articulation Exercises for Speech Therapy

Recognizing you have unique, multidimensional needs, our uniquely trained therapists work with you to understand how communication difficulties impact your day-to-day communication. This allows your therapist to develop personally-relevant treatment exercises to efficiently optimize your speech in all speaking situations.

Following the highest standards of evidence-based interventions, your SLP will first help you target your ability to discriminate between sounds that are produced with accurate vs. inaccurate manner and placement.

You will then learn to accurately and naturally produce sounds to create clear, crisp speech within a speaking pattern that is easy to be understood and reflects your true abilities.

We use a variety of multisensory techniques including models, prompts, and cues to train you how to position your lips, jaw, and tongue to produce sounds. Moving from simpler to more advanced tasks, your SLP will guide you through a structured format to help you master accurate production of speech sounds across social and professional settings as quickly as possible!

Articulation Speech Therapy Programs at Open Lines®

Contact Open Lines® today by phone at 212-430-6800, by email at [email protected], or through our contact form. If you are ready to take the next steps in improving your speaking skills, request an appointment to discuss your goals and review our service options.

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