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The unique challenges that 2020 presented impacted almost every facet of life, modifying the way our country operates, communicates, and educates. Despite obstacles and the need to make numerous adaptations, our clients have demonstrated their impressive flexibility and resilience as they have transitioned to online platforms and continued to make exciting progress, whether in academics, extracurricular or therapeutic contexts.  

We recognize this progress has not been without concerted effort and intention. For many children and younger adults with speech difficulties as well as older adults living with Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions, this transition has meant developing a new set of skills specific to the demands of the virtual world and learning to navigate differences in virtual and face-to-face interactions.   

To help support proficiency and competence in this area, Open Lines Speech and Communication is excited to offer online LSVT Loud for LIFE and pediatric social language groups to build and enhance the social communication skills required for virtual communication.  

Group Speech Therapy 

Speech and social communication are inextricably intertwined. As children, we learn how to communicate by spending time with parents, family, and friends. We integrate speech and social rules picked up during those interactions to form our communication. 

Group speech therapy is no different. In the same way, you or a loved one learned from family members, group therapy can help patients learn from peers and others who share a commonality. 

LSVT LOUD for LIFE Groups 

We want to invite you to Open Lines®’ new web-based LSVT LOUD for the LIFE group exercise class. Created for those who have completed the four-week LSVT LOUD® speech treatment, this group class helps you maintain the use of your strong voice and keep you committed to your goals in a fun and socially engaging way. 

Classes are led by specially trained and certified LSVT LOUD for LIFE coaches. They will guide you through several key exercises created to reinforce learning from the program and help you practice speaking with a strong voice. The class increases your confidence in communicating within a fun, functional, and socially interactive activities. Additionally, coaches will provide demonstrations and tips for supporting your ability to communicate effectively in common, real-world situations. 

Social Language Groups 

Each 60-minute group session led by a certified speech-language pathologist (SLP) will help your child develop the skills they need to successfully engage, listen, and communicate with others in the online world. Children will be guided through several activities created to reinforce learning and help them develop and practice online group communication. The class increases your child’s confidence communicating within a fun, functional, and socially interactive activities. 

Open Lines®’ specialists will match your child with a group of peers that will both elevate his or her current skills and create a collaborative team-building environment where the children can learn from one another. Peer-to-peer teaching will be encouraged as this collaborative approach is one of the most effective methods of increasing social communication skills! 

Benefits of Group Speech Therapy 

There are many benefits of speech therapy groups. For starters, they will help you take the speech therapy skills and practices you have learned during individual office or home settings and apply them in a supported but real-to-life group environment. It is an ideal place to mimic experiences you would find at school, work, or at the dinner table. 

This is especially important for children who are still learning how to interact with others, whether that is playing during recess, communicating in the classroom, or sharing during free time. 

In this setting, you or your loved one will have exposure and connection to other peers as well as the opportunity to integrate skills learned from other group members. Additionally, connecting with others facing similar hurdles can help decrease any associated sense of stigma and social isolation and boost camaraderie. The result is a more well-rounded understanding of speech and communication and increased confidence and positive self-concept that can bolster communicative competence across academic and social settings. 

By participating in group speech therapy sessions, you can expect benefits including: 

  • Maintained and/or improved effectiveness communicating and increased confidence speaking  
  • Increased motivation to: 
    • Speak effectively 
    • Engage socially 
    • Stay accountable 
    • Welcome a support system 
  • Managing ways to optimize communication when anxious 
  • Relaxation strategies to manage emotional states and anxiety when communicating 
Speech Therapy Groups at Open Lines® 

These live virtual classes are an hour long and are offered once monthly via Zoom. 

LSVT LOUD for LIFE classes are offered at the low price of $30/1hr class, and your classes are FREE if you sign up for an annual subscription for 1:1 tune-up/maintenance sessions provided at discounted rates. Social Language Groups are offered at the low price of $35/1hr class if you sign up for an annual subscription for once-weekly speech group sessions. If you prefer to sign up week-to-week, group sessions are offered at a rate of $50/1hr class. 

If you are interested in joining one of our group sessions — either social language groups or LSVT LOUD for LIFE classes — please email the Open Lines® staff at [email protected] and include your preferred days and time window for classes. We will do our best to schedule classes at convenient and preferred times. You can also email your interest to sign up for a subscription maintenance plan or to schedule individual speech therapy sessions.  

If you’re struggling with communication difficulties, it’s time to turn to Open Lines®. Contact us via phone (212-430-6800), email [email protected], or by filling out our convenient contact form. Improve your communication skills and unlock your potential with Open Lines® Speech and Communication in New York today!

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