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Why Confidence Is Necessary When Speaking

At Open Lines Speech and Communication PC, we understand it’s not just what you say – it’s how you say it that impacts your audience. Professional demands may require you to lead meetings, lecture, and speak in front of large groups causing many to feel overwhelmed and anxious with concomitant impacts on thoughts, emotions, voice, and speech. Our team of expertly trained speech-language pathologists offer specially designed techniques to optimize voice production in healthy ways, manage stress, and enhance language organization and speech delivery to maximize your communicative impact. Our public speaking and professional speech skill programs help individuals experience competence and confidence speaking in any setting.

What Is Confident Speaking Therapy and Why does it Matter?

Anyone who uses their voice professionally may experience communication challenges.

Your professional role may require you to take charge, lead meetings, and address groups of people. Conveying and inspiring confidence and competence in our delivery is vital for success and leadership and yet, it’s very common to experience feelings of anxiety and stress when it comes to presenting, lecturing, training, or delivering speeches. These emotions can be tremendously distracting and can significantly impact how we speak, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, struggling to find the right words, and experiencing speech disruptions.

It’s possible, voice production may also be affected. Feeling rushed, muscular tension, shortness of breath, and breakdowns in the clarity of articulation are common voice and speech symptoms in the presence of anxiety. The voice’s natural tone and volume may fluctuate, leading to feelings of embarrassment or a sense of loss of control over voice and speech.

Confident Speaking Therapy in New York by Open Lines

Speaking confidently can play an important role in your leadership and professional impact by:

  • Commanding attention: When you speak with confidence, it captivates the attention of others. It signals that you are knowledgeable, credible, and capable, making people more likely to listen and engage with your ideas.
  • Building trust: Confidence in your speech instills trust and inspires confidence in others. It demonstrates that you believe in what you’re saying and that you have the expertise to back it up. This can enhance your professional reputation and foster trust among colleagues, subordinates, and superiors.
  • Effective communication: Confident speech allows you to convey your thoughts clearly and concisely and with conviction, ensuring that your ideas are understood and impactful. It can help foster stronger collaboration, increased productivity, and better outcomes in professional settings.
  • Inspiring action: When you speak confidently, you are more likely to motivate others to take action and drive positive change.
  • Professional growth: Confidence in your speech empowers you to seize opportunities and take on new challenges. It enables you to express your expertise, showcase your skills, and present yourself as a capable professional. This can open doors to career advancement, networking opportunities, and increased responsibilities.

Training in specific techniques and exercises that will optimize the efficiency of the voice and motor speech system along with strategies to enhance language organization and efficiency can help you feel in control of your voice and delivery so you can focus on connecting with your audience. Our expert clinicians provide an array of communication services for attorneys, executives, public speakers, voiceover artists, teachers and actors, among other careers by helping you determine if the difficulties you experience are due to overuse, misuse or abuse of your voice (requiring therapeutic program) or from lack of voice and speech training (requiring education and coaching).If you or a family member experiences difficulty when communicating, check out our FAQ page to learn more!

Problems That Lower Confidence During Speech

Each person may experience different issues with confidence in speaking, but some things that can affect how we feel when we speak include:

  • Having a busy brain: struggling to make decisions, plan, reason, organize thoughts, remember things, or attend to a conversation
  • Struggling to find words while speaking
  • Overly wordy or lengthy explanations
  • Speaking with an unwanted lisp or a stutter
  • Speaking too quickly
  • Speaking with low volume, a poor voice quality, or a monopitch
  • Rapid heart rate and shallow breathing
  • Running out breath
  • Muscular tension
  • Misarticulating sounds and words

Open Lines Speech and Communication offers confident speaking therapy tailored specifically to your needs to enable you to fully participate in all aspects of your life.

Improve Your Confidence in Speaking

At Open Lines Speech and Communication in New York City and Los Angeles, we provide a holistic approach to improving cognitive communication and public speaking. We accomplish that in part with our Presence Approach, which involves a perfect blend of scientific expertise with the art of intuitive caring to help you achieve success.

Drawing on our comprehensive scientific understanding of the interconnected systems involved in voice, speech, and communication, our specially trained licensed clinicians will collaborate with you to establish specific objectives pertaining to various speaking scenarios. Whether it’s addressing a small or large group, engaging in online platforms or phone conversations, or engaging in one-on-one interactions, your clinician will target areas such as vocal projection, breath support, pitch, tone, vocal quality, speech rate, clarity, thought organization, stress management, and overall communicative confidence. Together, we will work towards improving these aspects of your speech, enabling you to effectively express yourself across different social and professional settings.

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