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Open Lines® understands that accessing quality healthcare can be costly, which is why we are offering a prepaid program that provides significant savings on our services. You can receive a 10% discount on all our treatment services when you sign up for our prepaid program.

Committing to a full therapy program yields significantly improved results while saving money over the course of the sessions. Our programs are designed for optimal outcomes considering both the frequency and duration of sessions that is right for you. In our extensive experience, we have also found that committing to an entire program from the outset generally leads to a better outcome than receiving therapy session-by-session. Programs are based on a 4-week term.

Whether you need to overcome speech or language difficulties, are recovering from an illness or trauma, or want to professionally communicate with excellence, we help you navigate your personal journey to achieve a successful, meaningful outcome.

We work with individuals of all ages, from children to seniors, and provide personalized care plans tailored to your unique needs.

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